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“Janet embodies that rare combination of right and left brain – a sense of beauty, a sense of economy and a sense of follow-through. She has exquisite taste, and grasps your style without that forcing-her-aesthetic-sensibility-wholesale baggage that her lesser peers always seem to bring along – this on top of her being a veritable shopping machine. Her unrelenting good taste transformed my house into a stylish haven without risking my economic ruin. As a result, coming home is a whole new experience and entertaining is easier, more fun, and no longer requires closing off large portions of my house.””

— Gary Stewart

“Janet came to our new home with all sorts of ideas and wonderful tools to help us choose paint colors. She made it so easy – we had the entire place perfectly color-coordinated in no time. Now, when we have visitors, they immediately compliment us on our color scheme. We love the way it all turned out.”

— Scott J. Nord

“Janet turned out to be my Interior Goddess!  With her help, I was able to manifest what had previously been a large room without much soul, into the gorgeous, warm, and welcoming space it is today.  I own a lovely home, but the large living room had presented several tricky design elements, and over the years I had neglected to address them.  After a major life-change, and with Janet’s fabulous eye and attention to detail, we took a journey together to transform the room not only into one that was more graceful, but also one that reflected my sensibilities.  This was massively important to me!  I’ve never wanted a designer to come in and “do” my home.  I’m often left cold by trends in design, and dislike overdone homes.  Janet is very sensitive to a client’s tastes and needs, and never pushes her own agenda.  With our combined love of travel and exotic cultures, we had great fun exploring furniture, fabrics, and colors.  The result is an incredible room, with beautiful, functional furniture – some vintage, some specially made – and several “areas”, to relax, read, dine, share time and refreshment with friends and family, or just nap!  Also, the areas Janet helped create respect and enhance the amazing views from either end of the room.  In short, it’s simply breathtaking.  Janet’s own love and passion for beautiful places, spaces, colors and textures makes working with her a sensory treat, and thank goodness there’s more than a little of her in my living room!”

— Martha Hackett

“Janet Grey is Meticulous!  Janet oversaw several interior design projects on our house, including putting down a new hard wood floor over a surface that used to consist of two separate wood flooring jobs, done decades apart, and a concrete floor.  She found the contractor, supervised them, and made it all happen while we were away on vacation.  She is completely trustworthy, meticulous in making sure every detail is done perfectly, and couldn’t have been nicer.  She has done lots of other legwork for us in making our interior work, recommend her highly!”

— Anne Richardson


“Used Janet on a house I was renovating in Silver Lake. She was prompt, knowledgeable, astute and to the point. She was kindly candid and did not mince words which saved me a lot of time and unnecessary frustration. She knew her business and I’m glad I listened to her. She also made a particular design recommendation that turned out to be a game-changer: it significantly improved the layout and maximized the usefulness of the house. I would definitely work with her again and recommend her. She was worth every penny and more.”

— Paul Y.

“Janet has enhanced my home-living experience enormously, which has affected my life overall in wonderful ways. I initially planned to re-do my powder room, and I was so pleased with the results that we continued with various kitchen and living room elements. Janet tied up the loose ends and made minor changes that brought everything together – so much so that I decided to expand her work to the second floor and give the bedrooms and bathrooms a complete overhaul. I went from living my entire life with white walls to having gorgeous, rich colors surrounding me. I’m so glad Janet’s patient guidance helped me find the courage to get through the initial nervousness. Plus, as a busy executive in a demanding industry, traveling several times a month, I had neither the time nor the energy to deal with improvements. Janet was incredibly accommodating, meeting with me during off-hours when necessary, making it possible for the changes to be made. Now I have the spectacular home I’ve always dreamed of.”

— Amy Zaret

“Janet has great taste, but more importantly, she really listens to her clients. I had some initial ideas, which she assessed very carefully before pulling them together and creating exactly the look I had in mind. Janet is extremely diligent and knew precisely where to shop for what I needed. I feel so proud of my place now. People love it; I get compliments galore. Thanks, Janet – it’s a pleasure to come home every day.”

— Jennifer Schwartz

“Janet Grey was enormously helpful when I redecorated and updated my condo in order to sell it. She got me people who could get the patio together and regrout all the tiles. She helped me find great deals on fabrics to recover two couches. She helped me find amazing furniture and lighting pieces as well as a fantastic rug, at a great price. She got tons of framing done. Truly I couldn’t have done it myself and due to her great help, my place sold while two other units in my building sat. If you want your budget to go really far and your place to look great, hire Janet!”

— Susan Von Seggern

“My husband and I have needed to have work done on our home for ages. Completely out of our comfort zone to plan work needed, etc. and how to proceed. Janet came in evening when we were both available and reviewed with us what we had in mind to do (which was pretty much generalities at that point!) She immediately suggested instead of replacing the carpeting that we refinish the existing hardwood floor. (Good choice. It’s beautiful.) So that evening we decided what was to be done; and before she left we asked the big question. What was the feasibility of my being gone out of state while the work was being done? My husband wasn’t going with me; and because of the sanding and painting, he would stay with his brother at night and come by the house before and after work.

“That first visit was June 11. I was to be gone July 11 through July 28. Janet already had a week or so vacation planned during that time. She immediately started bringing in people she recommended for quotes on painting and floor work. She helped me get started ordering some lighting fixtures. She worked with us on paint colors and had samples sent to us by paint company. She helped choose fabric for our 3-piece living room set which we had reupholstered during the time I was gone. She brought in the people who did the packing/unpacking so we could see all that had to be moved to the back of the house. She made out a day by day schedule of how everything was to be accomplished in the above time frame. Somehow it all happened. I think someone was in the house a half hour or so after we left early morning the 11th for the airport, and everyone was gone by the time my husband picked me up the evening of the 28th. Janet was in and out supervising the whole thing, and we are happy with the results!”

— LaVon Walker

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