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Janet Grey started her business in 2004 as a Personal Shopping Consultant for Interiors and Clothing. When the interior work expanded, she focused on that part of the business and created the "Janet Grey Interior Stylist" brand and website.

Now, however, she's back to focusing on both, as an Interior and Personal Style Consultant. Janet enjoys both aspects of the work. "We are able to help our clients immensely in both areas.  It's so important to love where you live -- to feel your home is a comfortable and supportive haven that you are happy to wake up to each morning.  It's equally important to feel happy in the way you are putting yourself together to greet the world.  Confidence in one's style expands to confidence in all aspects of life and when mixed with a beautiful home environment -- each one acts in concert with the other to improve one's overall daily experience.

As Personal Style Consultants, we provide the following services:

Closet Consultation

This consists not only of organization, but of really going through the contents of the client's closet, removing things that no longer make sense style and/or fit-wise, and helping them to decide whether they should be donated or perhaps sold at a consignment store.  We also help them to create outfits from what they have, teaching the to literally "shop in their own closet", and even advise them to transform certain pieces -- shorten them, change the necklines or sleeve length, etc.  We have several seamstresses and alterations experts in our arsenal to recommend.

Shopping With Our Clients

We will take you on a shopping spree especially tailored to your specific needs and desires. You'll learn how to make better choices and avoid purchases that end up just sitting in the closet, never to see the light of day, OR night, for that matter... We'll introduce you to some new shops and make the entire shopping experience a fun and fruitful one.

Shopping For Our Clients

If you're one of those people who truly can't bear the mere thought of shopping, then you've come to the right place!  We'll discuss your parameters with you and bring it all TO you -- only things that can be returned if you decide against them, of course.  

* Photographic services available for an additional fee.

Our Clients Are Pleased!  Here are just a few of the testimonials that we've received:

"Janet embodies that rare combination of right and left brain – a sense of beauty, a sense of economy and a sense of follow-through. She has exquisite taste, and grasps your style without forcing her aesthetic sensibility upon you.  This  on top of her being a veritable shopping machine."

-- G. Stewart, Music Executive and Philanthropist

"Thank god for Janet Grey! First of all she's more than an interior design consultant--she is an organizing champ and most astoundingly a closet sorceress--literally summoning a dozen great outfits out of my stuffed (now former) hellhole of a wardrobe so I was able "shop my closet" rather than at stores."

-- Benevolencia L., Writer and Curator

"I still gaze on the pieces Janet found for me as if they were brand new delights.  And the things I learned from her are constantly coming in handy.  She's fabulously opinionated, which was just what I needed.  She gave me direction and inspiration and helped me learn to make a decision!  Janet's a whirlwind of activity and gifted in so many ways.  Each of her talents, though, find their origin in her artist's eye."

-- Jo R., Voiceover Artist

"Janet Grey is such an inspiration!  She is my friend and we've worked together professionally as well.  I love seeing the inventive outfits she puts together, both for herself and for our clients.  Her magical touch is often the missing ingredient in a number of our client wardrobe styling scenarios.  She knows what she's doing and is endlessly creative."

-- Lynn Tejada, Business Owner & Publicist

* Visit our main site at www.janetgrey.com for our additional interior-related services.  Redesign currently underway.